The Slates, Glencoe

The Slates Glencoe, This site sits just West of Glencoe Village and is the site of the Slate Quarry with tons of Slate still lying about. Not having been out on my Rebreather for a while Dave Brunton and I headed up to this site to try and get some decent water conditions, but after torrential rain and Gales it wasnt going to be great.

Not the best day to get changed in the open blowing a gale and horizontal rainy squalls, but we got into the water from the Beach and set off, Vis was poor but improved as we rounded the Point, after a long Dive of 90mins ( our max depth was 36m and the vis was a variable 3m-8m and very dark) we ended up taking in the Dive Site further down the Loch at the Chapel after swimming too far collecting promised Scallops for Joanne Topalian.

I had turned around for a minute (to catch a l;arge scallop) and lost Dave after swimming along for a bit i popped up to have a look and saw I had a good 500-600 metre swim back to the Slates, we had ended up much further down the loch than we expected, but it looked like all that cycling paid off with a hard swim into the tide with a large heavy bag of scallops accomplished with only two bouts of cramp, eventually I swam round into the bay and got out up the Beach, meeting Dave who had hiked across the point from the other side. It was a decent day, there were no Rebreather dramas just Davies Torch packing in at 30m, lots of fish but also lots of plankton and Jellyfish – as Shane is fond of saying ‘Conditions were challenging’